Dare to Compare

Compare Body Sugaring With Your Current Hair Removal Method
Let The Battle Begin!

Sugaring vs. Waxing 

• no risk of burning • completely sanitary
• all natural; no harsh chemicals or resins • minimizes breakage
• no chance of tearing skin • safe for sensitive skin
• requires less than half of the length of hair • less pain and irritation

Sugaring vs. Shaving 

• pulls the hair out from the root • no chance of cutting skin
• leaves skin feeling smooth • lasts at least 10x as long
• hair is finer upon regrowth • leads to permanency

 Sugaring vs. Electrolysis 

• less time • less money
• works better on large areas of the body • leads to permanency

 Sugaring vs. Laser 

• less time, less pain • less money
can be used on any hair regardless
of the type or pigment
• leads to permanency